The Vigant-Pre Oreak complex can be found in the sub-mountainous altimetric area characterized by heavy rains and few termic excursions. The woods found near the Vigant borough are mainly composed by sycamore and ash-groves of the black hornbeam kind and occupy for the largest part lands that were once cultivated: grazing lands or permanent meadows. In the lower part that is the access to Pre Oreak, sycamore and ash-groves turns into flowering ash-groves of the gorge kind. The whole area is included in the SIC IT3320016 “Cornappo flowering ash groves” and A.R.I.A. n. 11 “Flowering ash groves of Cornappo torrent” with the exception of the Vigant entrance. As far as the management is concerned, the societies of the Vigant borough area, should be treated as a silviculture of a naturalistic kind that should be able to guide the wood populaments during the different evolving phases. This should be possible also thanks to different forms of cooperation among private subjects that could guarantee a further valorization of the “wood”-system by safeguarding the landscape and the environmental quality of the site.

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