38 species of bryophites are known (9 epatic and 29 mosses) that were found in the initial length of the Vigant Abyss (Nimis, Julian Pre-alps). Among the moss species found, the Bryum sublegans seems new to the Friulian-Venetian-Julia region and was recently found again also near the mouth of the Marvellous Cave of Lazzaro Jerko (Sguazzin, 2000). The Hygrohypnum luridum and Thuidium philibertii mosses are inserted among the threatened species, in the Red List of Italian Bryophites. About the Austrian Timmia species, found inside the cavern, we have instead to speak of a re-confirmation for the region after the signaling before 1950. The most numerous corologic group is that of temperate species (45%).Follow, in order, the sub-oceanic species (27.5 %), the boreal ones (10 %) and the sub-boreal ones (7.5 %). The temperate species are dominating, there is a consistent percentage presence of oceanic elements u.l. that are strongly considered as preferring a humid climate. Also the percentages related to the bio-flora of the near High Valley of Torre, confirm the domination of temperate species as well as that of a rich series of oceanic ones u.l.

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